Why City Girl Media is Different


I’ve worked at all levels of what I do. Jonathan Tisch, the CEO of Leows Hotels knows how to scrub toilets because he made a point of learning it and did it. I don’t forget where I came from, and in fact, bring that know-how to stories and projects.  I’ve been the intern and the executive.  I’ve been in PR, a.k.a. “the dark side” of journalism.  I’ve pitched stories, written and produced stories, and had stories written about me.

Strategic Thinking Under Pressure

No one likes a crisis. OK I do.  Journalists are adrenalin junkies.  And admitting it is the first step.


If I’m writing for an editor of a publication or a private client, I’m not going to “yes” to death.  If it’s a story or a speech, if I’m not a good fit, I’ll say so!


I’ve got more than enough spunk to go around and you should see what happens when I take my vitamins. But realistically, I also carefully manage resources and priorities.


Your ambition drives you to grow your company. Ours is to get your story told. If you become a client, that’s because we believe in your story.


If you’ve read this far, then you know I’m creative. You see creativity in the writing and choices made on this website. Multiply that by a gazillion when it comes to story telling and production. Seriously.